What is Gasket Wipes™?
Gasket Wipes™ is the answer to what has been the number one question on the lips of restaurant owners, and those who work in commercial kitchen environments for many years, "How should we care for our refrigerator gaskets?" Gasket Wipes™ answers this question with an unmatched, hassle-free, and cost-effective application that can easily be used to clean up, lubricate and protect all refrigerator, freezer, and high-temperature gasket seals in a fraction of the time otherwise spent performing the same task with other ineffective and often highly corrosive products available on the market today. Our  NSF registered, Food-Safe formula does not contain harsh chemicals.

(WARNING Using harsh chemicals to clean your gaskets will dry them out making them brittle and is a major cause for premature tearing). Nourishing the surface of your gaskets with Gasket Wipes™ will prolong their life expectancy.  

Are Gasket Wipes™ NSF registered and Food Safe?
Absolutely Yes!  We knew how important NSF registration would be to all of our customers so we put our product through NSF testing, and received registration in 2016. Gasket Wipes™ is an NSF H-1 registered lubricant where accidental food contact may occur.  We encourage you to use our product with confidence.   

What type of gasket material can Gaskets Wipes™ be applied to?
Gaskets Wipes™ can be applied to any and all refrigeration, freezer and high-temp gasket material used to seal refrigeration equipment found in commercial kitchen environments. (Typically PVC, santoprene, and neoprene material is used to manufacture commercial gaskets)

Where are Gasket Wipes™ used?
Commercial kitchens. i.e restaurants, fast-food locations, casinos, gas stations, grocery stores, convenience stores, schools etc. 

How often should I use Gasket Wipes™?
We encourage a daily cleaning habit for a couple of reasons.  We know that consistent cleaning will prolong the life expectancy of each gasket in your commercial kitchen, and allow each gasket to perform at its best. During the testing of this product, we were able to conclude that those who used Gasket Wipes™ as part of their regular cleaning regiment saw an improved and extended performance.

Why use Gasket Wipes™ over other available cleaning chemicals available in my restaurant kitchen?  
The Gasket Wipes™ product has been specifically formulated to care for and maintain your gaskets.  The proprietary formula contained within the actual wipe material was developed specifically to lubricate and protect your gaskets while keeping them free of damaging food debris.  It truly is the perfect solution to what has been an ongoing battle to maintain commercial refrigeration gaskets prior to now.

Should I use bleach or other cleaning agents to clean my gaskets?
Bleach or other chemically based cleaners are not recommended. Applying bleach or other chemically based aggressive cleaning agents reduces the life cycle of your refrigeration gaskets, and allows the opportunity for non-food-safe chemicals to contaminate your refrigerated food products through accidental food contact. 

How many wipes are in each container?
Each container holds 25 moist wipes, measuring 5.5" x 10.5".

What are Gasket Wipes™ specifically formulated to do?
Gasket Wipes™ are specifically formulated to lubricate and protect your gaskets while keeping them conditioned for optimum performance.

How many gaskets can a single Gasket Wipe™ be applied to?
Gasket Wipes™ are saturated with a chemical-free, food safe, proprietary formula, that can typically be used on multiple gaskets without the need to pull another wipe.  Many of our customers that wipe their gaskets daily using just one wipe, and others that are less frequent with their gasket maintenance using more wipes as a result.  Either way you look at it the cost of pulling one, two or even three Gasket Wipes™ is incidental when compared to the probable cost of having an employee prepare and implement other cleaning methods.

Are Gasket Wipes™ antibacterial?
Gasket Wipes™ are not antibacterial.  This product is NSF registered as an H1 Lubricant designed to wipe away surface debris, mold buildup and other food particles, and at the same time lubricate and protect the gasket's surface condition.  This is not a substitute for an antibacterial and does not perform that particular duty.  

Are pallet orders available?
Yes! Pallet orders are available and encouraged for multi location restaurants, and wholesalers with widespread distribution.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss pallet or multi-pallet orders and take advantage of wholesale pricing.

Please contact us if you have any other questions.  Thanks.